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Interview: Laurence Guy

10 March 2017


House and disco stalwarts Doodle bring us another Manchester debut on March 24th, this time inviting London producer Laurence Guy to Soup Kitchen for their second party of the year.

Over the past few years Guy's productions have been picked up by well-respected undeground imprints such as Church, Rose Records and Cin Cin, and have received support from the likes of Move D and Session Victim. The style and contrast of his melodic, downtempo productions against his boisterous and varied DJ sets - ranging from disco, house, acid and techno - mean that he's increasingly in demand, including a recent appearance at London's newest venue, Printworks, alongside the likes of Daphni, Floating Points and Joy Orbison.

Ahead of the show, Doodle's Charlie Fleig chatted to him about clubs, festivals, and making it from Cardiff to Manchester in one piece...



So Laurence, are you looking forward to your Manchester debut at Soup Kitchen?

I'm very much looking forward! Heard nothing but good things about the venue (and the party for that matter).

By now, you've had a number of gigs in the UK and across Europe, but what's been your favourite club to play at?

I'd say that Corsica Studios is my number one place to play for sure. The booth is set up perfectly, and the crowd is always keen! I also played at a small club in Berlin recently, called Farbfernseher, that I really enjoyed. They're a bit more relaxed about closing times over there...

Yeah, Corsica’s a firm favourite of ours too, been for a fair few Tief nights over the years. You've released on some of our favourite labels with support from some big names, but which of your releases are you most proud of? 

Hard to say as I'm kinda proud of all of them (my ego is that big), but I have to go with the 'Kojak' EP. That was a big turning point for me, and basically kicked everything off.

Well, ‘Thinking of You’ NEVER leaves my bag to be fair. We're off to Gottwood and Love International festival this summer.  Do you have any festival gigs that you're looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to playing at Lost Village in August, past that I'm not too sure! Will definitely be attending Love International so I'll see you there...



Brilliant! Your debut LP, which I'm sure you're hugely pleased with, is soon to be released on Church. Can you reveal some details of the sound, and maybe some of the collaborations?

Ahh, I can't reveal too much about the album yet! There are a couple of really exciting collaborations, though. Sound-wise it's (hopefully) a continuation of what I've been doing so far, but taken further. There's a few housey tracks on there, but also some much more ambient-leaning stuff as well...

Apart from your album, do you have any other releases in the pipeline that you can reveal?

In terms of other releases, I'm actually not sure what will happen at the moment, but I've got plenty of music ready to go...

Although he annoyingly shares your initials, we're good friends with a fellow Outplay artist and former Doodler Loz Goddard. We noticed that you've shared the decks with him and another former Doodler Andy Hart in the past. We have some good stories about them when they played for us - do you have any of your own that you're able to share? 

One day, me and Loz will have an epic DJ battle to decide who gets to use the initials once and for all. I've got no story in particular to be honest, but we did have a good time and a pretty long night / morning in Amsterdam when we were out there!

We would have loved to have come and support Loz for that one, but we were going to ADE the following weekend, so it didn’t happen unfortunately. Doodle have numerous links to Wales so we're well aware of the reputation of Welsh parties and that you have a gig in Cardiff the night before, so can you please make it to Manchester in one piece?

You have my word that I'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when I arrive...

Ha, that’s good to hear!


Tickets for Doodle presents: Laurence Guy at Soup Kitchen on Friday 24th March are available through Party for the People here.