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Inside Out's First Birthday Mix

27 July 2016

Every year sees many, many birthdays. Most pass us by with little other than a nod and a wink, but Inside Out's first birthday is going to be a whole lot more than that. They are bringing super-fun duo, Beautiful Swimmers (Max D and Ari Goldman), all the way from Washington D.C. to the rainy city for a gig where it doesn't matter if it rains, as all punters will be swimming beautifully around the venue. 

In all seriousness, Future Times, the label home to the boys, have been doing a whole lot of good recently and their records can usually be heard at all the Inside Out parties. Previous IO guests have included Linkwood, K15 and Inkswell, with each party known for its friendly vibe and top tunes to keep those feet movin' and bodies groovin' into the early hours. 

Before blowing out their solitary candle on Friday, 29th July, at Manchester's Soup Kitchen, Inside Out residents Chris & Mike have thrown together a celebratory mix for us for the occasion - stream and download it below:

- - - 

Tickets for the event are available here