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Watch The Hype select: 10 up-and-coming producers

8 November 2016


Watch The Hype have been shining their torch on the electronic underground since mid-2014, helping highlight the best new artists that the Internet has to offer. Several have gone on to appear in the pages of world-renowned magazines and feature on top club and festival bills; testament to the WTH team's ability to sniff out the most exciting undiscovered stars before they fully supernova. Given their reputation for a consistent standard of quality they've also been able to attract some of the scene's biggest established names to pick out some of their own favourite tracks for the site, with the likes of Helena Hauff, DJ Stingray, Oneman and Move D all submitting their top picks over the years.

As part of a special link-up between PFTP and WTH this November, we've invited them to bring their curatotial skills to our site for a run-down of 10 producers most catching their eye at the moment. Featuring glossy grooves, murky techno, and a healthy dose of bass, read on for Watch The Hype's best up-and-comers, as chosen by their Introductions Manager, Marcos Loveday.


Christian Jay

If you’re into minimal stuff, Christian Jay is our pick as a producer who currently has the sound nailed. Featuring on a couple of Banoffee Pies releases and recently putting out his first 12” on Idle Hands, Christian excels at keeping his music groovy, subtle and suitable for club and home play.

Earth Boys

A duo who have recently featured on our Introductions series, Earth Boys have carved their sound confidently from the U.S. One of the housier acts we’ve supported, they’ve featured on 1080p and 2MR with tracks that are groovy and are easy to listen to, whilst also showcasing nuance.

Ross From Friends

As one of the biggest figureheads of lo-fi house at the moment, Ross From Friends has accumulated a sizeable following. Lo-fi can have a tendency to become a bit contrived and formulaic, but Ross From Friends escapes this hole.


There’s a lot of exciting talent coming from Bristol at the moment, and one producer that’s near the top of our list goes by the name of Gaunt, who recently debuted on Beneath’s Mistry imprint. If pushed, we’d probably say that the genres of bass and techno are our favourite ones, and we think Gaunt treads the line between both perfectly, melding the cold, dark moods of bass excellently with the subtle mechanical groove of techno.


We’ve made a lot of fuss about Circular Jaw recently, and for good reason. Nuvaman is one of the label heads alongside FoxMind and Werdna, and after topping one of our end of year lists in 2015, he’s gone from strength to strength. Nuvaman’s back catalogue is varied and cohesive. Whether he’s producing bass, breaks or more techno-influenced cuts, he repeatedly injects detailed textures into the mix and manages to keep all his work fresh whilst still maintaining a signature sound. Bellbird below is an excellent example - a heady breaks tune with hints of jungle percussion.


As one of the first artists we’ve had the pleasure of exposing, Kouslin has started making more of a name for himself with the launch of his own label - ‘Le Chatroom’. An expert in percussive workouts, demonstrated well in the track he provided us for our Introductions series, Sam injects an organic flair into his work that makes him a very exciting prospect for the UK scene. Check out his first single for his new imprint, ‘Brothers’ - a tribal, polyrhythmic hit.


One for the techno heads. Reflec produces melodic rollers for fun and gets a lot of play from us in the office. He’s recently co-started a new project entitled Works Unit alongside Cleric that takes the best of his melodic intricacies and pushes them one step further into even more punishing dimensions. It’s only a matter time before more people catch on.


Another artist on the list who dabbles in percussive workouts, it’s O’Flynn’s diversity that gets us excited. With his most heard of tunes being Tyrion and Oberyn, we’re currently loving his most recent work, the self released ‘Glow Worm / Aloha Ice Jam’. Once again choosing to explore different sounds, the grime-y nature of Glow Worm works surprisingly well when juxtaposed to the feel good disco of Aloha Ice Jam.

Check out O'Flynn's Watch The Hype Track of the Day selections


One of Bristol’s biggest rising stars, Bruce consistently releases assured techno/bass that pleases as well as surprises. You don’t need to look any further than his most recent release on Timedance for a fitting example. ‘I’m Alright Mate’ is his most dancefloor focussed tune yet with huge techno percussion and off-kilter sound effects. Combined with the abstract ‘Post Rave Wrestle’, Bruce has a knack for taking abnormal sounds and morphing them into danceable rhythms. We don’t think he’s booked nearly enough.


One of our most recent Introductions artists and a producer we’re very excited about. The track he offered for us was firmly rooted in the Livity Sound / Hessle Audio area of techno, and it was pulled off perfectly. With musical talent that’s seeing him delve into other genres in the future, this Leeds-based producer has buckets of potential.


Words: Jack Scourfield & Marcos Loveday (Introductions Manager, Watch The Hype)